Pasture Raised = A Better Way

Better on the Animals

Pasture Raised Chicken or aka Pastured Poultry means raising chickens in the outdoors where they live on pasture and get continual access to fresh grass, daily sunshine, and open air. By moving the chickens every day, the birds always have new land to graze along with forages and critters to eat. Roaming outside 24/7 is the most natural way fowls are able to live and express their instinctive behaviors. This is a far better method than "free-range" and "cage-free" where chickens are grown inside stationary houses and are allowed limited or no access to the outdoors.

Better to the Environment

Our system of poultry production focuses on improving the land. Our birds begin the process by depositing their manure on the ground, which acts as a natural fertilizer. It revitalizes our pastures while simultaneously building organic matter into our soils. Land that was previously grazed by the chickens will once again be available for them to use, but now with more abundant vegetation and increased nutrients.

Better for your Health

Studies show the nutritional value of meat from pastured chickens that consume grass and forage is higher than that from conventionally raised birds.

  • 6% higher protein and 15% more collagen
  • 50% less saturated fat, more heart-healthy polysaturated fats
  • 4x more Vitamin E / 2.3x more Omega 3